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CD Library Search results for: Oxford Church Anthems

Genre: Classical
Tracks (18)
Track: O thou, the central orb
Composer(s): Wood, Charles

Track: Almighty and Everlasting God
Composer(s): Gibbons, Orlando

Track: My eyes for beauty pine
Composer(s): Howells, Herbert

Track: Where Thou reignest
Composer(s): Schubert, Franz

Track: Locus iste
Composer(s): Bruckner, Anton

Track: Lord, I trust thee
Composer(s): Handel, George Frederic

Track: Holy is the true light
Composer(s): Harris, William

Track: Solus ad victimam
Composer(s): Leighton, Kenneth

Track: God be in my head
Composer(s): Rutter, John

Track: Pray that Jerusalem
Composer(s): Stanford, Sir Charles

Track: When to the temple Mary went
Composer(s): Eccard, Johannes

Track: Thou knowest, Lord
Composer(s): Purcell, Henry

Track: Ave verum corpus
Composer(s): Byrd, William

Track: Awake, thou wintry earth
Composer(s): Bach, Johann Sebastian

Track: O quam gloriosum
Composer(s): Victoria, Tomas Luis de

Track: Nolo mortem peccatoris
Composer(s): Morley, Thomas

Track: Crux fidelis
Composer(s): King John IV of Portugal

Track: Evening Hymn
Composer(s): Gardiner, H. Balfour

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