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CD Library Search results for: Silk Road Journeys: Beyond The Horizon

Genre: Classical
Tracks (15)
Track: Mohini (Enchantment)
Composer(s): Das/Dey

Track: Oasis
Composer(s): Improvisation

Track: Distant Green Valley
Composer(s): Jiping/Lin

Track: Akhalqalaqi Dance
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Echoes of a Lost City
Composer(s): Jiping, Zhao

Track: Mountins are Far Away
Composer(s): Kalhor/Ljova

Track: Yanzi (Swallow Song)
Composer(s): Kazakh/Lin

Track: Battle Remembered
Composer(s): Lin, Zhao

Track: Summer in the High Grassland
Composer(s): Jiping, Zhao

Track: Kor Arab
Composer(s): Amirov, Fikret

Track: Shikasta (Minstrel's Song)
Composer(s): Hajibeyov/Ordubadi

Track: Night at the Caravanserai
Composer(s): Traditional/Shanahan

Track: Gallop of a Thousand Horses
Composer(s): Kalhor, Kayhan

Track: Tarang (Currents)
Composer(s): Das, Sandeep

Track: Sacred Cloud Music
Composer(s): Jiping, Zhao

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