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CD Library Search results for: Middle Years, Part I

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (66)
Track: Havin' A Ball
Composer(s): Razaf/Johnson

Track: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
Composer(s): Clesi, N. J.

Track: Who's Afraid Of Love?
Composer(s): Mitchell/Pollack

Track: Please Keep Me In Your Dreams
Composer(s): Seymour/Lawnhurst

Track: One In A Million
Composer(s): Mitchell/Pollack

Track: Nero
Composer(s): Razaf/Denniker/Davis

Track: You're Laughing At Me
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: I Can't Break The Habit Of You
Composer(s): Razaf/Beal/Causer

Track: Did Anyone Ever Tell You?
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: When Love Is Young
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me
Composer(s): Lewis/Newman/Mencher

Track: Cryin' Mood
Composer(s): Razaf/Webb

Track: Where Is The Sun?
Composer(s): Redmond/David

Track: Old Plantation
Composer(s): Redmond/David

Track: To A Sweet Pretty Thing
Composer(s): Young/Ahlert

Track: You've Been Reading My Mail
Composer(s): Meyer/Rothberg

Track: Spring Cleaning
Composer(s): Samuels/Whitcup/Powell

Track: You Showed Me The Way
Composer(s): Fitzgerald/McCrae/Webb/Green

Track: Boo-Hoo
Composer(s): Heyman/Lombardo/Loeb

Track: Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out)
Composer(s): Tomlin, Pinky

Track: San Anton'
Composer(s): Razaf/Denniker

Track: I've Got A New Lease On Love
Composer(s): Young/Ahlert

Track: Sweet Heartache
Composer(s): Washington/Stept

Track: Honeysuckle Rose
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: Smarty (You Know It All)
Composer(s): Lane/Freed

Track: Don't You Know Or Don't You Care
Composer(s): Kahal/Fain

Track: Lost Love
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: I'm Gonna Put You In Your Place
Composer(s): Rothberg/Meyer

Track: Blue, Turning Grey Over You
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: You've Got Me Under Your Thumb
Composer(s): Livernash/Brooks/Rudgens

Track: Beat It Out
Composer(s): Bernier/Emmerich

Track: Our Love Was Meant To Be
Composer(s): Hill/Davis/Waller

Track: I'd Rather Call You Baby
Composer(s): Seymour/Lawnhurst

Track: I'm always in the mood for you
Composer(s): Davis/Coots

Track: She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terrific
Composer(s): Davis/Coots

Track: You're My Dish
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: More Power To You
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: How Can I (With You In My Heart)?
Composer(s): Johnson/Waller

Track: Joint Is Jumpin'
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller/Johnson

Track: A Hopeless Love Affair
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: What Will I Do In The Morning?
Composer(s): Waller/Johnson

Track: How Ya, Baby
Composer(s): Waller/Johnson

Track: Jealous Of Me
Composer(s): Waller/Johnson

Track: Every Day's A Holiday
Composer(s): Coslow/Trivers

Track: Neglected
Composer(s): Marks/Davis

Track: My Window Faces The South
Composer(s): Silver/Parish/Livingston

Track: Am I In Another World?
Composer(s): Koehler/Green

Track: Why Do Hawaiians Sing Aloha?
Composer(s): Meskill/Raskin/Stept

Track: My First Impression Of You
Composer(s): Tobias/Stept

Track: On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Composer(s): Fields/McHugh

Track: Georgia On My Mind
Composer(s): Gorrell/Carmichael

Track: Something Tells Me
Composer(s): Mercer/Warren

Track: I Love To Whistle
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: You Went To My Head
Composer(s): Mayer/Bernier/Emmerich

Track: Florida Flo
Composer(s): Johnson/Sivad

Track: Lost And Found
Composer(s): Tomlin, Pinky

Track: Don't Try To Cry Your Way Back To Me
Composer(s): Kelly/Welling

Track: Marie
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: In The Gloaming
Composer(s): Traditional/Waller/Harris

Track: You Had An Ev'ning To Spare
Composer(s): Adams/Levant

Track: Let's Break The Good News
Composer(s): Denniker/Davis

Track: Skrontch
Composer(s): Ellington/Nemo/Mills

Track: I Simply Adore You
Composer(s): Weaver/Mann

Track: Sheik Of Araby
Composer(s): Smith/Wheeler/Snyder

Track: Hold My Hand
Composer(s): Johnson/Waller

Track: Inside
Composer(s): Johnson/Waller

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