MSUB Mathematics Department

STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics

Course Description

4 credits
Prerequisite: M 088 or equivalent
Covers descriptive techniques, probability distributions, and statistical inference of one and two sample tests and associated confidence intervals for means and proportions and linear regression.  Introduces statistical analysis using technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore statistical sampling and its techniques,
  • Understand bias, variability, etc. of a statistic,
  • Display data graphically using histograms, frequency distributions, pie charts, stem-and-leaf plots, box plots, etc,
  • Summarize data numerically using mean, mode, median, range, variance, standard deviation, quartiles, etc,
  • Study randomness and probability including counting techniques, conditional probability, independent and dependent events, mutually exclusive and non-mutually exclusive events, etc,
  • Study discrete distributions, including the Uniform and Binomial distributions,
  • Investigate continuous distributions, including the Normal and Standard Normal distributions: z scores, proportions, percentiles, etc,
  • Compute and interpret confidence intervals including margin of error,
  • Perform and interpret hypothesis tests including type I and II errors,
  • Perform T tests and Z tests, and
  • Investigate and explore linear correlation and regression.

Course Documents