MSUB Mathematics Department

STAT 141 Introduction to Statistical Concepts

Course Description

3 credits
Prerequisite: M 08 or equivalent
Introduces the basic ideas of modern statistics including descriptive statistics, probability, and statistical inference.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the commonly used terms in statistics and express statistical concepts precisely in writing,
  • Display and describe categorical data,
  • Display and summarize quantitative data using measures of center and spread,
  • Understand and use z-score as a ruler,
  • Understand random data and experimental designs involving randomness,
  • Apply several probability rules to calculate probabilities,
  • Calculate measures of probability models such as expected value and standard deviation,
  • Understand various types of random variables,
  • Understand properties of sampling distribution, including the central limit theorem, and
  • Calculate and interpret confidence intervals and perform hypothesis testing for proportions.

Course Documents