MSUB Mathematics Department

M 471 Mathematical Analysis

Course Description

3 credits
Prerequisite: M 242 and M 273
Presents the basic theorems of one and multivariable analysis as a basis for higher analysis and its applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prove set theoretic statements,

  • Determine the topological properties of subsets of the real numbers,

  • Define the limit of a sequence, limit of a function at a value, the Cauchy criterion and prove theorems about limits of sequences and functions,

  • Define continuity of a function and prove theorems about continuous functions,

  • Define the derivative of a function and prove theorems about the derivatives of functions,

  • Define Riemann integral and prove theorems about Riemann sums and Riemann integrals,

  • Produce proofs of results in real analysis.

Course Documents