MSUB Mathematics Department

M 171 Calculus II

Course Description

4 credits
Prerequisite: M 171
Includes techniques and applications of integration, analytic geometry and the theory of sequences and series.  This course is a continuation of M 171.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use the finite and Riemann sums to find the area between two curves.

  • Use the integral to find the area between two curves, and calculate volumes of revolution, the average value of a function, and arc length.

  • Integrate and differentiate hyperbolic functions.

  • Use standard integration techniques, including trigonometric substitution, integration by parts, and partial fractions.

  • Identify and calculate improper integrals.

  • Solve first-order linear differential equations.

  • Compute limits of infinite sequences, and test for monotonicity and boundedness.

  • Compute sums of geometric series and telescoping series.

  • Determine convergence, absolute convergence and divergence of infinite series using the standard convergence tests.

  • Compute the radius and interval of convergence of power series.

  • Compute Taylor series and Taylor polynomial approximation of functions.

Course Documents