MSUB Mathematics Department

M 143 Finite Mathematics

Course Description

4 credits
Prerequisite: M 095 or equivalent
Studies applications of systems of linear equations to problems of optimization, elementary functions, logic, and mathematics of finance.  Introduces differentiation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand linear functions, linear inequalities and apply them to solve real-world problems
  • Solve systems of linear equations by a variety of methods
  • Graph linear inequalities and solve linear programming problems graphically
  • Solve mathematics of finance problems, including the computation of simple, compound interest, present, future value of annuities, and amortization of loans
  • Construct truth tables and equivalent statements involving compound or conditional statements and analyze arguments with quantifiers
  • Understand nonlinear functions and apply them to solve real-world problems, and
  • Understand the definition of the derivative and calculate derivatives.

Course Documents