MSUB Mathematics Department

M 122 College Trigonometry

Course Description

3 credits
Prerequisite: M 121 College Algebra or appropriate placement score.
A course that can meet the Mathematics requirement of General Education Courses, College Trigonometry covers a thorough study of trigonometric functions and their inverses, identities and equations. Further, we investigate polar coordinates, graphs of polar equations, DeMoivre’s Theorem, vectors and dot product.


Learning Outcomes

  • Define trigonometric ratios using right triangles and coordinate systems,
  • Display a working understanding of the values of trigonometric functions of common angles using unit circle,
  • Comprehend the algebra of trigonometric functions and use them to verify identities and solve equations,
  • Display an understanding of polar coordinates and their graphs,
  • Solve triangles using the fundamental trigonometric functions as well as sine and cosine laws,
  • Express complex numbers in polar form, and
  • Apply the fundamental trigonometric identities to a variety of applications.

Course Documents