MSUB Mathematics Department

M 121 College Algebra

Course Description

3 credits

Prerequisite: M 095 or appropriate placement score.

A course that can meet the Mathematics requirement of General Education Courses, College Algebra introduces functions and associated equations. It covers the concepts of functions, linear and non-linear equations, complex numbers as solutions to quadratic equations, and systems of equations. Further, we investigate polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and equations.


Learning Outcomes

  • Simplify, factor, and perform any of the basic arithmetic operations on polynomials and rational expressions.
  • Perform arithmetic operations and simplify algebraic expressions with rational exponents including rationalize a denominator.
  • Solve linear, quadratic, and rational, exponential and logarithmic equations and be able to use each of these to model and solve applied problems.
  • Solve absolute value equations and inequalities and express solutions of inequalities in interval notation.
  • Identify relations vs. functions; use function notation; identify domain, range, intervals of increasing/decreasing/constant values; algebraically and graphically identify even and odd functions.
  • Find zeros, asymptotes, and domain of rational functions.
  • Evaluate and sketch graphs of piecewise functions and find their domain and range.
  • Use algebra to combine functions and form composite functions, evaluate both combined and composite functions and their graphs, and determine their domains.
  • Identify one-to-one functions, find and verify inverse functions, and sketch their graph.
  • Write logarithms as exponentials and vice versa.
  • Solve exponentials and logarithms using the one to one property or inverse properties.
  • Expand and condense logarithmic expressions

Course Documents