MSUB Mathematics Department

M 105 Contemporary Mathematics

Course Description

3 credits.

Prerequisite: M088 or M095 or M098 or valid placement test
Corequisite: Students who do not meet the prerequisite may take “enhanced” sections of M105

Designed to give students the skills required to understand and interpret quantitative information that they encounter in the news and in their studies, and make numerically based decisions in their lives. Topics include working with units and measurement, set theory, financial mathematics and essentials of statistics.

Learning Outcomes

  • To attain some degree of mathematical literacy, including an ability to read mathematical material and write using mathematical notation correctly
  • To develop skills to think and reason mathematically in order to function more effectively in the modern world
  • To examine ways in which mathematics is used, to follow and understand logical arguments, and to solve applied quantitative problems. This includes learning to formulate a problem precisely, to interpret solutions, and to make critical judgments in the face of competing formulations and solutions
  • To understand elementary statistical concepts, such as data description, the basic parameters (mean, standard deviation), the normal distribution and z-scores
  • To explore and examine other aspects of contemporary mathematics

Course Materials