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About the Program

The Department of History has four options for students to peruse.  We offer a Bachelor of Arts in History, as well as the option for students with other majors to minor in history.  We also offer Licensure Options for those seeking a Bachelor of Arts Degree as a history major or minor.  In all cases, we expect students to receive a solid grounding in historical methodology, analysis, as well as the ability to communicate fluently in written and oral forms.


Learning Outcomes in History

1. Identify primary sources and secondary sources and assess their validity and applicability to a project.

2. Use primary and secondary sources to construct historical knowledge through analysis and interpretation.

3. Compose a persuasive and clearly written essay that maintains and supports a historical thesis.

4. Prepare a paper that meets the format and citation expectations of the discipline.


Bachelor of Arts History Major

The Department of History has a four-year program in History that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The history program provides a broad general education, an intensive study of History, proficiency in a foreign language, and courses in a selected minor field of study. Students focus their study in the following two areas: United States History and Global History. History helps one to learn to read critically, to write carefully and to think problems through to a logical conclusion. History courses offer a basic background of knowledge essential to many professions.


Extended Major

In lieu of obtaining a minor in another discipline, history majors may choose the “extended major” option in history. To fulfill the extended major option students are required to complete an additional twelve upper-division (300-400 level) credits in history courses. These courses can be in any combination chosen from among the restricted electives offered by the history program. These credits are in addition to the other general education, language requirements, history major requirements, and minimum credits required for a degree. Students who seek this option do not have to obtain a minor in another discipline.


Minor in History 

Requires a total of 21 hours in required and elective courses


Bachelor of Arts Degree Major or Minor in History Teaching Licensure Option

 All students desiring licensure to teach are required to file an Application for Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.


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