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Our department offers two majors - the B.A. in Spanish and the B.A. in Spanish with the Teaching Licensure Option - as well as three minors: the Spanish Minor, the Spanish Minor with Teaching Licensure option, and the International Studies Minor.  The Department also offers courses in French, German, and other languages.


Foreign languages, as currently taught in colleges and universities, take as their province the oral and written tradition and the culture, both old and new, of particular national groups.  Culture is an integral part of every foreign language course, from elementary to advanced courses in literature, civilization, and business.  Recorded and computerized material and tutorial programs provide the “on location” experience of cultural authenticity via computer access to the world’s major newspapers, universities, museums and archives.


The ability to communicate in a language other than one’s mother tongue has historically been the mark of an educated and successful person.  Rapid communication has made neighbors of distant peoples, and the need for language study is greater than ever before if we intend to participate in the political, economic, scientific and cultural leadership of the planet.


Sequence Course Procedures


Courses in first and second year French, German and Spanish must be taken in sequence, that sequence being 101, 102, 201, 202.


Credit Examinations


Those students who have had previous training in a foreign language or who are native speakers of a language other than English may receive credit for their level of proficiency through a credit examination.  Depending on proficiency, students may receive from one semester to three years credit in a language.  High school study of a foreign language may provide immediate college credit to students who have applied themselves in high school.


Upon request, the department will grant credit in a language other than those taught at MSU Billings.  Students must provide a qualified interpreter.  They must show oral proficiency for first year credit, and generally both oral and reading proficiency for second year credit.  This credit is awarded under the LANG prefix.  Credit for Native American languages is handled through the Native American Outreach Office.


Prior to graduation, students must enroll in the course for which the credits will be awarded.  Students may elect to enroll in the course in the semester after the challenge exam is taken, or they may enroll for the course in any semester after the successful completion of the challenge exam.


Study Abroad


MSUB offers Spanish students the opportunity to live and learn in Spain, Costa Rica and other countries.  Other fully accredited summer session, semester, and academic-year abroad programs may be arranged in cooperation with other American colleges and universities.  Students should inquire at the departmental office or at the Office of International Studies (McD 150, 406-657-1705).




Internships (some paid) are available for students of French, German and Spanish, and students majoring or minoring in a foreign language are encouraged to participate in one of these programs.



A full list of currently offered modern languages and literature courses can be found here (LANG), here (SPNS), here (FRCH), and here (GRMN).  Check below for upcoming language courses in the 2016-17 academic year:


Spring 2017


FRCH 102-­‐001 Elementary French II M T W R 9:20 -­‐ 10:20 LA 712 Thomas Chameraud
FRCH 202-­‐001 Intermediate French II T R 10:30 -­‐ 12:00 LA 712 Thomas Chameraud
GRMN 102-­‐001 Elementary German II M T W R 10:30 -­‐ 11:30 LA 721 David Crisp


SPNS 102-­‐001 Elementary Spanish II M T W R 8:10 -­‐ 9:10 LA 723 staff
SPNS 102-­‐002 Elementary Spanish II M T W R 9:20 -­‐ 10:20 LA 723 Renae Hunt
SPNS 102-­‐004 Elementary Spanish II M T W R 12:50 -­‐ 1:50 LA 727 staff
SPNS 102-­‐800 Elementary Spanish II online     Hilarry Fussaint
SPNS 202-­‐001 Intermediate Spanish II M W F 9:20 -­‐ 10:20 LA 727 Tom Regele
SPNS 202-­‐002 Intermediate Spanish II M W F 12:50 -­‐ 1:50 LA 725 Tom Regele
SPNS 312-­‐001 Hispanic Culture & Civ II M W F 11:40 -­‐ 12:40 LA 712 St. John Robinson
SPNS 314-­‐001 Latino Literature M W F 10:30 -­‐ 11:30 LA 716 St. John Robinson
SPNS 322-­‐001 Advanced Spanish Conversations II T R 10:30 -­‐ 12:00 LA 716 Tom Regele
SPNS 406-­‐001 Spanish Comp & Grammar II T R 12:10 -­‐ 1:40 LA 716 Tom Regele
SPNS 499-­‐001 Senior Thesis/Capstone TBA TBA TBA St. John Robinson




Faculty in Modern Languages
Dr. Thomas Regele
Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Literature

Dr. St. John Robinson
Professor of Modern Languages & Literature


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