College of Arts & Sciences

Department of English, Philosophy & Modern Languages



Our department offers an area of study in linguistics, including courses in grammar, sociolinguistics and advanced topics in linguistics.  Below are the regular offerings in linguistics:

Fall Semester
LING 210       Intro to Language & Linguistics          Deborah Schaffer

LING 312       English Grammar                                         Deborah or Rachel Schaffer         
LING 315       Sociolinguistics                                             Deborah or Rachel Schaffer           
Spring Semester
LING 210       Intro to Language & Linguistics           Rachel Schaffer                                  


Alternating Years


LING 318/

PSYX 492     (Intro to) Psycholinguistics                     Rachel Schaffer                                    
LING 301      History of the English Language         Deborah Schaffer          


Occasional Offering


LING 491: Special Topics 



For more information, contact either Dr. Rachel Schaffer (657-2954) or Dr. Deborah Schaffer (657-2950).

A full list of currently offered linguistics courses can be found here