Photography and New Media

The Art Department Photography and New Media facilities provide students with tools for digital and analogue photographic production. 


Digital Lab Facilities:
Mac Lab (20 computers)
Full Adobe Suite
Wacom Tablets
Epson Plotter Printers
Film and Flatbed Scanners
Sound Production (Mics, Interface)


Analogue Photography Facilities:
8 Enlarger Darkroom
Wet Lab Film Processing Area
Light Table, Print Viewing and Finishing Area


Lighting Studio
Tungsten Continuous Lighting Kits
Strobe Kits
Speedlight / Flash
Seamless backdrop and staging area
Greenscreen studio


Equipment and Camera Inventory
Canon DSLR Rebel and 5D MIII + L-Series Lens’
Mirrorless Digital Cameras
Video HD cameras and supports
Tripods, monopods, steadi-cams
Nikon 35mm SLR film Cameras, Hasselblad medium Format Cameras, Large Format Cameras and accessories


Courses Offered:

Photo 1 Analogue
Photo 2 Digital
Photo 3

New Media 1
New Media 2
New Media 3



Student Art Work 1
Student Art Work 2
Student working on sidewalk chalk art
Student Art Work 4
Student Art Work 5
Student Art Work 6
Student Art Work 7
Student Art Work 8