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Valerie Taliman Workshop on Sovereignty Rights and Other Issues Related to Indigenous Peoples took place from noon to 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 11 at MSU Billings.


Workshop Documents
1.1 Indian Law Resource Center MSUB Cover, January 2007

1.2 UN Declaration Cover Page

1.3 UN Adopts Indigenous Rights Declaration

1.4 Coulter Champion of Human Rights

1.5 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

1.6 Overview of UN's Structure with Particular Regard to Indigenous Peoples

1.7 United Nations Guide for Indigenous Peoples

1.8 Indigenous Peoples UN Human Rights Leaflet 2

1.9 Human Rights Treaty Bodies and Indigenous Peoples

1.10 Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

1.11 OAS Draft American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Cover

1.12 Overview OAS Draft Declaration

1.13 OAS Draft American Declaration on Indigenous Rights

1.14 Overview of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

1.15 Dann Case Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Summary

1.16 Using Letter Writing, Testimony and Other Advocacy Tools for Human Rights

1.17 Oglala Sioux Letter to President Bush

1.18 Analysis of Legal Roots of Racism in Federal Indian Law

1.19 Using Media to Promote Human Rights

1.20 Indigenous Peoples Fight for Self-Determination at UN

1.21 Indigenous Human Rights Negotiations Progress

1.22 Innu Fight for Survival and Nitassinan

1.23 UN Negotiations on Indigenous Rights Wrap Up, for Now

1.24 Indigenous Rights Declaration Moves to Human Rights Council

1.25 UN Human Rights Council Adopts Declaration on Indigenous Rights

1.26 Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Delayed

1.27 For Sacred Indian Site, New Neighbors are Far from Welcome

1.28 Human Rights Committee Issues Report Telling U.S. to Change Discriminatory Policies Toward Indigenous Peoples

1.29 General List of International Human Rights Instruments

1.30 Human Rights Glossary

photo of Valerie Taliman
MSU Billings Library
Room 231
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UN Declaration Adopted 9/13/2007

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