College of Arts & Sciences

Dept. of English, Philosophy & Modern Languages

Yes, it's true!


You can get college credit in any world language -- up to 14 credit hours -- without taking a single university class absolutely free!!


For native speakers, world travelers, incoming freshmen and enrolled students, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers testing through which a student can earn 4, 8, 11, or 14 credits of a world language.  We are able to test the French, German and Spanish languages using computer software, others languages like Latin, Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese, Finnish, Crow, Korean, Lakota, Japanese, etc. are tested in written form.


Here are some real advantages to you:

  • For less than an hour of your time, you can "test out" of college-level basic language courses.
  • At current tuition levels you can earn up to $1,152 worth of college credit.
  • The language credits earned will automatically be added to your MSU Billings transcript in available "flat spots."

Planning on taking French, German or Spanish at MSU Billings, but you're not exactly sure at what level you should start?   No problem!!  We work hard to insure that each student who studies foreign languages in the Modern Language Department has an experience that is both enjoyable and employable. 


Taking the exam on the computer not only yields the  information necessary to enroll you in the correct college class, but it earns you  college credit for all your sweat and dedication in high school language classes.  Now, that's a real bargain. . . .