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The road to riches is paved by education--or so the data suggest.  According to 2012 U.S. Census Bureau data, workers with advanced degrees almost twice as much per year as those with just a high school diploma. 


Education Attained 2012 Annual
Median Earnings
Some HS, no diploma $20,110
HS diploma/GED $35,170
AA/AS degree $57,590
BA/BS degree $67,140
MA/MS degree $63,400
Doctoral/professional degree $96,420


As this chart from the US Department of Labor shows, people with advanced degrees also have a considerably lower chance of being unemployed.  See unemployment rates by level of education:


Education Attained % Unemployed
No HS diploma 11%
HS diploma/GED 7.5%
AA/AS degree 5.4%
BA/BS degree 4%
MA/MS degree 3.4%
Doctoral/professional degree 2%


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