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Updating an Existing Credential File:  Adding new letters of recommendation & purchasing 5 more sets of credentials.

"" Click here for instructions on using Adobe Acrobat Reader PDFs.

NOTE: These PDF forms can be completed and printed online, but they are not designed to be saved to your hard drive. To make this easier, compile all your information before you begin to fill out the forms online.

DIRECTIONS: Type neatly or print all forms on a computer because they are photocopied when your file is sent. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Complete every form. Neatness and accuracy are essential to present yourself in the best possible way.

If you have done an update previously, earlier update forms will be removed unless you request otherwise. Earlier letters of recommendation are retained until you request in writing that they be removed.

  1. Update Information form and Credits Earned Since Graduation form

    These PDF forms can be filled out and printed online.

Include all professional and educational experiences since you completed your degree. Ask your professional contacts in advance if they will provide recommendations for you. List their names, titles, business addresses, and daytime telephone numbers. These two forms and any new recommendations will be added to the previous contents of your file.

If you have done an update previously, the earlier update forms will be removed unless you request otherwise.

  1. Recommendation forms for Credential File

    Form for all other majors

The portions of these PDF forms in red can be filled out online. Print the form and forward it to the person who will write the recommendation.

Your reference people may use letterhead stationery instead of this form. If you use this form, be sure to type your name on it.

If you choose a confidential file (see #3 below), sign the Waiver of Access at bottom before giving it to your references who should then return the form to Career Services.

Your file should contain 3-5 letters of recommendation, but not more than 10 letters. Instruct us in writing (via letter or email) to remove previous recommendations when a) they are more than five years old, b) you are adding a new recommendation from the same person, or c) your earlier recommendations are no longer appropriate to your current career goals.

  1. Consent to Disclose Information form

    This form cannot be filled out online. We must have the original authorization to release your information to prospective employers.  Print, fill out and sign in ink.

You may change the status of the file by completing a new Consent form. Any confidential letters already in the file will remain confidential. If you change to a non-confidential file, you may review new letters only. You will not be able to inspect letters of recommendation that were received while your file status was confidential.

  1. Grad Data form

    Use this form only to notify Career Services when you have completed a new MSUB degree AND have accepted a position. Information you provide is kept confidential and is used for statistical purposes only. Once you are employed, we will not include your name in lists of candidates for prospective employers until you update your file.


Transcripts, résumés and teaching certificates are NOT part of your credential file. If you wish to order a transcript, contact the Admissions & Records Office at 406-657-2158.

Terms of service: Requests to send files are typically fulfilled within three business days of receipt.

Faxing: Files will be faxed only at the request of an employer, and a fee of $2.00 per page will be charged to you.

Contents of confidential letters of recommendation will not be read over the phone to prospective employers.

To remove a letter from the file so it will not be sent to employers, you must give us your instructions in writing, via email, postal mail, or fax.

Job referral: If your file has not been updated in 18 months, it will be classified as Inactive and your name will not be given to school districts seeking teachers with your qualifications. To be referred for teaching jobs, you must update the file and pay the update fee.

Fees: Click here to view file fees.

Ownership: Your credential file remains the property of Montana State University Billings, regardless of its status as confidential or non-confidential.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 1974, all letters of recommendation received in this office prior to 1/1/75 are confidential, and credentials will be sent only to actual employers but not to employment agencies.

Retention: The file will be retained as long as it is kept up to date. If the file has not been updated in 15 years, it will be shredded to protect your privacy.

Note: The file update fee is $20.00 and includes 5 sets of files.  

Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations may review Policies & Procedures

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