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Useful Websites 2005
Renee Wong, M.Ed. in TESOL, Seattle University
BA English Literature, MSU
A handy website for any ESL teacher. It provides: Extensive Job Center, A Warnings Page, Discussion Forums, Teacher Resources for the classroom, and a page devoted to ESL students, packed full of activities and resources.
The JET program is a Japanese program run by the government, again similar to the HK NET and the Korean EPIK programs. The goal of this program is to place native speaking English teachers, called JETS, in local government organizations throughout Japan. This is a very prestigious program that usually results in excellent experiences. Must be under 40 years of age.
Home of AAC, this website provides information for opportunities to teach or study abroad. It seems to focus mainly on teaching jobs in Asia, but it does have a job board with worldwide listings. It provides a detailed summary about what to expect with regard to visas, taxes, etc. when teaching in each of the different Asian countries. This site also offers a free placement service for jobs in Taiwan.
Homepage of the Association of Teacher to Speaker of other Languages. Provides important information on recruitment conference, international symposiums, and professional development. Get a discounted student rate if you subscribe for membership while in school.


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