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Career Services offers credential file service in support of your application for a teaching position or admission to graduate school.

Eligibility:   Credential files (sometimes called "placement" files) are available to students who have taken at least 15 credits at MSU Billings and to alumni who register with Career Services.

Contents: Credential files are kept in printed copy at Career Services and are photocopied for mailing. The files contain information such as job objectives, summaries of educational history and work experience, records of special honors and skills, and letters of recommendation.

Complete your file well before you begin your job search or grad school application process. In fact, it's best if you've established your file before you begin student teaching.

Learn about fees and get answers to Credential FAQs.   Click here for information on Applying for Teaching Jobs: Standard Application Process.

Credential file forms can be viewed and printed online with the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader program, and many of them can be filled out online. However, you will still need to print, sign, and submit the forms to Career Services.

Click the links below to see the forms and get help with filling them out.

Sending your file: Career Services typically fills requests to send your file within 3 business days. Allow time after that for USPS mail delivery.

Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations may review Policies & Procedures.

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