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How Can I Become Involved in Cooperative Education Internships?

  1. Identify possible cooperative education/internship opportunities in your organization.

  2. Develop a job description and criteria for eligibility.  See Job Description Writer to create meaningful job descriptions.

    Establish a wage for paid interns; see Fair Labor Standards Act for details.

  3. Post your internship online in CareerLink.

  4. Review résumés, conduct interviews and choose the best candidate. Notify our office when you select an intern.

  5. Sign the student's Learning Agreement provided by the University.

Designate a supervisor who

  • supports the objectives of the Co-Op Ed internship program
  • schedules regular supervisory meetings and
  • provides the intern with a comprehensive orientation.
  1. Complete and return the evaluation that will be requested of you before the end of the semester.

  2. Contact Cooperative Education each year to update and renew your internship postings so we may continue to assist you with the recruitment of outstanding individuals.

Timing Is Everything...

We would like to help you recruit the best possible intern, so timing is crucial in advertising and promoting your internship opportunity. Please use the following guidelines when submitting your posting:

If you want an intern during: Submit your posting the previous:
Fall April
Spring November
Summer February


Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations may review Policies & Procedures.

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