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Prepare for Career Fair Success

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Employers attend career fairs to promote their organizations and to pre-screen applicants.  Use this networking event to create a positive first impression.  Each connection you make may eventually lead to a job or internship!



  • Learn about employers who will attend the fair and plan your strategy for those you would like to meet.

    Career Fair at MSU BillingsResearch the company, and prepare several questions to ask each recruiter. Consider questions like:

    "What majors are a good fit for your organization?" 
    "What kinds of jobs do you offer?"
    "What qualities & experience do you look for in candidates?"
    "Where are vacancies advertised?"
    "I'm only a freshman--what classes should I take to prepare for my career?"
    "Do you have a minimum GPA you look for?"
    "What community/volunteer experience should I have?"
    "What internship experiences are available?"

  • Look beyond the obvious! While hospitals hire nurses, they also need many other professionals in accounting, human resources, information systems, and marketing, to name a few.

  • Perfect your résuméto leave with each recruiter. Advising & Career Services can give you lots of assistance in fine-tuning this important document.

  • Learn to sell yourself - and fast! Develop your "elevator speech," your personal commercial that briefly introduces you and your preparation for employment.  Practice with Advising & Career Services professionals!

    Show that you're interested in the company, and spark the recruiter’s interest in you for a future, more formal interview. Relax and be yourself, using good eye contact and offering a firm handshake. 


  • Be friendly.  The person you meet in the parking lot, elevator, hallway, or restroom may be the recruiter you’ll meet later in the day. 

  • Confidence is the key.  Recruiters see candidates as possible future representatives of their organization. Display confidence, enthusiasm, and the ability to think and speak on your feet—and under pressure.

  • Collect business cards from each recruiter and discuss how and when you should follow up with her/him to maximize your networking efforts.  You're creating a relationship that may be mutually beneficial.

Patience: The Best Virtue

  • You won’t receive a job offer at the fair, and if you do, you’re truly one in a million. Most recruiters are not authorized to hire on the spot, but this does NOT mean they are not hiring. Remember: You’re trying to land an interview so send follow-up emails to those you talk to, outline what you know about the company, your qualifications, and why you’re a "good fit."

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