Advising & Career Services

Career Services Advisory Board


The Career Services Advisory Board shall serve as ambassadors of MSU Billings Career Services and shall act as a resource to its primary constituents: students, faculty, and employers. Members shall engage in discussion and participate in activities that help Career Services to achieve its goals and objectives.

Advisory Board responsibilities may include:

  • helping to develop and promote opportunities for part-time and work study jobs as well as internships and post-graduate employment;
  • addressing issues related to Career Services’ activities and programs;
  • recognizing and promoting Career Services through public acknowledgement;
  • participating in campus and community activities and events sponsored by Career Services;
  • serving as a resource to Career Services’ staff;
  • fostering the development of Career Services Student Advocates.


The Advisory Board shall include representatives of Career Services’ primary constituents: employers, faculty and students. Co-chairs shall be President of ASMSU Billings, an Employer, and the Director of Career Services; the office manager shall be recording secretary.

Community Employer Representatives

Health Care/Allied Health
Environmental Studies/Science
Education and Human Services
Trades and Industry
Professional Services
Information Technology

Campus Representatives

Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
Faculty Allied Health
Faculty Business
Faculty Technology
Diversity Center
International Studies
Alumni Association
Faculty Arts and Sciences
Faculty Education
Disability Support Services
Office for Community Involvement


Student Representatives

ASMSU Billings President
Career Services Student Advocates



The Career Services Advisory Board shall meet at least quarterly (the first Thursday of August, November, February, and the second Thursday of May) and shall forward minutes of all meetings to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.



Terms shall be two years and are renewable at the discretion of the Director of Career Services. Members will serve no more than three consecutive two-year terms.   More than 2 unexcused absences from quarterly meetings will result in termination from Board.

Faculty members shall be nominated by their Deans.



Members of the Advisory Board will be expected to:

  • Regularly attend meetings and activities to demonstrate support and commitment to the position; non-performing members may be replaced;
  • Actively participate in discussions to share the perspective of the sector or group they represent;
  • Be available to Career Services as a resource.

Revised 7/12