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By Victoria Fernandez Lorenzo-Arroyo
Marketing Intern
Career Services, Fall 2008

St. Vincent Healthcare is a 2008-09 member of the new Career Services Employer Partnership Program at the Platinum level. St. Vincent Healthcare and Career Services have been working together for several years since SVH actively participates in the MSUB internship program and recruits MSUB students.

St. Vincent Hospital in Billings was founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1898.  From its modest beginnings over 100 years ago, St. Vincent Healthcare has grown into one of Montana's largest comprehensive hospitals, serving the healthcare needs of over 400,000 people in a four-state area. Adapting to the changes in healthcare meant a new name for Saint Vincent Hospital so in November 2000, it became St. Vincent Healthcare. When asked how she describes SVH, Kathy Smith, HR Director, said, “In a few words, St. Vincent works to create a healing environment for our patients.”

Kathy Smith believes SVH is set apart from other healthcare facilities in the region because of its mission and values. It is important to SVH to improve the health of the individuals and communities they serve, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.

“We joined the Employer Partnership Program to make a difference,” Kathy said, “becoming a Partner the moment the new program started.  The healthcare industry increasingly demands skilled, trained workers, and through our association with Career Services, we are assured of finding the right people for the specialized jobs here at SVH.”

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about healthcare in general is the variety of job opportunities that it offers. Not only does SVH employ nurses and physicians, but also opportunities exist for food services, HR, clerical, I.T., accounting, marketing, management, counseling and health administration.  As one of the largest medical centers in a four-state area, St. Vincent Healthcare employs 2,300 people. 

To find St. Vincent Healthcare job openings, log onto CareerLink and click on “Job Search” at: or go to

Life’s calling.  Find your career opportunity at St. Vincent Healthcare!

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