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Etiquette Business Dinner 2008

By Victoria Fernandez Lorenzo-Arroyo
Marketing Intern
Career Services, Fall 2008

“Etiquette” describes social behaviors and conventional norms and in the nineteenth century it came to appropriately describe life during the reign of Queen Victoria. Etiquette, with the same meaning as in 1800, has traveled in time and arrived at MSUB in 2008.

The Alumni Association, Career Services and Sodexo hosted the first Etiquette Business Dinner (EBD) on November 20, made possible by the new Career Services Employer Partnership program.  The EBD was not another traditional event since at this dinner there were only 30 student guests, the first juniors or seniors who signed up at the Career Services office.  Each student was seated at a table hosted by an Employer Partner: Augie Aga from Cherry Creek Radio, Stacey Hindman from St. Vincent Healthcare, Rachelle Elliot from Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, Debbie Potter from EideBailly, Tom Yampradit from i_tech Corporation, and Carol Bergquist from KPMG.

Dinner started at exactly 6 p.m. with a presentation from Rich Weigel, Sodexo District Manager, about what to do and what not to do during a business dinner. “I have been in the restaurant business for a long time; you wouldn’t believe what I have seen!” Rich’s presentation was helpful for everyone and kept the guests entertained.  He even showed a clip from the movie Animal House where John Belushi goes through the college buffet line doing everything that is not etiquette-approved. Carol Bergquist from KPMG said, “I liked everything about the event - it was wonderful.”  

Tom Yampradit from i_Tech agreed:  “I thought the speaker did an excellent job.  The food was wonderful, and it was nice to have a relaxed dinner and visit with the students.”  Augie Aga from Cherry Creek Radio also enjoyed the event.  “The EBD was great.  Getting our radio stations in front of the students is what benefits Cherry Creek Radio the most.  The food was delicious and the students that attended were fantastic. They were wonderful to talk to and very attentive and interested in learning about what to do at dinner in a business setting.”

The EBD helped students to network with some of the community employers. Laura, a Public Administration student who was seated at the YBGR table, said, “I loved the relaxed atmosphere the employer created where everybody felt free to ask questions with no intimidation. Rachelle Elliott provided us with valuable info about the organization, and she answered all our questions. For anybody who is undecided about a career, this is a wonderful opportunity to choose the right path.” 

Debbie Potter from EideBailly said, “I not only learned some etiquette tips, but I also enjoyed a dinner with accounting students in a more relaxed environment, which enabled them to be themselves and not feel as if they were on an interview.  I was also able to see what wonderful opportunities the Employer Partnership Program is providing MSUB and its students.”

When asked what he had enjoyed the most about the event, Luis, a Marketing student, said, “I liked the food and the dedication to the etiquette issue. Normally this is never addressed in class.”

If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry.  After the success of this delicious event, Career Services, Sodexo and the Alumni Association are looking forward to hosting it again next fall.

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