Certificate in Addiction Counseling Education

The Certificate for Addiction Counseling Education is documentation that the student has completed several courses that can be counted toward the educational component of the Montana Licensed Addiction Counseling credential.

For specific information on the current requirements to become a licensed addiction counselor, visit the Montana Board of Behavioral Health.

 Required Courses Credits
REHA 301 Principles of Counseling and Group Theory 3

REHA 406 Assessment in Human Service and Addiction Programs

REHA 425 Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Co-Occurring Disorders 3
REHA 494 Seminar: Gambling Assessment 2
REHA 499 Capstone: Addiction Treatment Planning and Documentation 2
HTH 411 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention 3
HS 335 Introduction to Counseling 3
HS 345 Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in the Human Services 3
HS 385 Behavioral Pharmacology and Human Services 3
HS 483 Introduction to Addiction Counseling 3
Total 28