General Education Requirements (according to current Catalog)
Students should consult with the Academic Advisor to determine if specific courses are necessary in order to satisfy the General Education requirements within this major. 
Core Requirements 27
HS 201 Survey of the Human Services 3
HS 335 Introduction to Counseling 3
HS 345 Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Human Services 3
HS 394 Professional Seminar I in Human Services 1
HS 395 Supervised Field Experience I in the Human Services 3
HS 481 Abuse, Neglect in the Family 3
HS 494A Professional Seminar II in Human Services 1
HS 495A Supervised Field Experience II in Human Services 3
HS 494B Professional Seminar III in Human Services 1
HS 495B Supervised Field Experience III in the Human Services 3
*REHA 201 Introduction to Diversity in Counseling (*may satisfy general education requirements) 3

Math and Science Requirements

The Human Services major require STAT 141 Introduction to Statistics, PSYX 222 Psychological Statistics or an equivalent course selected in consultation with the student’s advisor.

The Science course should relate to some aspect of the human condition and is to be selected in consultation with the advisor.
Professional Skill Development for the Human Services
Choose four (4) courses from below for a total of 12 credits
REHA 216 Intro to Rehabilitation & Related Services 3
REHA 301 Principles of Counseling and Group Theory 3
REHA 406 Assessment in Human Service and Addiction Programs 3
REHA 418 Counseling for Loss and Bereavement 3
REHA 425 Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Co-Occurring Disorders 3
REHA 453 Case Management and Community Resources 3

Human Services Concentration

One (1) major concentration and two (2) minor concentrations.  A minimum of four (4) courses must be completed in the major concentration chosen, and at least three (3) courses must be selected from the two (2) minor concentration areas for a minimum total of thirty (30) credits.  A course selected in one concentration cannot be used to satisfy the requirements in another concentration, skills development, General Education or core requirements.  Certain courses in each concentration have prerequisites; students should check descriptions for prerequisites requirements.
1. Mental Health Systems and Applied Psychology
PSYX 294 Seminar:  Child Psychology 3
PSYX 330 Developmental Psychology 3
PSYX 340 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYX 360 Social Psychology 3
PSYX 378 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 3
PSYX 382 Forensic Psychology 3
PSYX 494 Seminar:  Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
2. Chemical Addictions and Treatment in Human Services
HS 385 Behavioral Pharmacology and Human Services 3
HS 483 Introduction to Addiction Counseling 3
HTH 411 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention 3
REHA 406 Assessment in Human Service and Addiction Programs 3
REHA 494 Seminar:  Gambling assessments and Treatment 2
REHA 499 Capstone:  Addiction Treatment Planning and Documentation 2
3. Social Issues Across the Lifespan
EDEC 310 Child in the Family 3
EDEC 430 Social/Emotional Development in Young Children 3
NASX 205 Native Americans in Contemporary Society 3
NASX 332 Montana Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues 3
NASX 406 History of American Indian Women 3
SOCI 201 Social Problems 3
SOCI 327 Sociology of Deviance 3
SOCI 330 Juvenile Delinquency 3
SOCI 380 Sociology of Health and Medicine 3
SOCI 382 Social Psychology and Social Structure 3
SOCI 431 Sociology of Gender Roles 3
Restricted Electives: Select two with advisor approval 6
Electives (may vary) 8
Total 120


Suggested Plan of Study

Student should talk with their faculty advisors prior to registration for classes. It is good practice to visit with the faculty advisor each semester. The following suggested schedule provides a general overview of courses and work that will enable the Humans Services major to progress through the degree in an orderly and timely manner.

First Year F S
General Education 15 15
Total 15 15
Second Year F S
General Education 3 4
Math Requirement 3  
Science Requirement      3
HS 201* ^ 3  
Professional Skills  6 6
Total 15 13
Third Year F S
HS 335* 3  
HS 345* 3  
HS 395/394   4
Concentrations  9 12
Total 15 16
Fourth Year F S
REHA 201 3  
HS 481* 3  
HS 495A/494A*  4  
HS 495B/494B*  4  
Concentrations 3 6
Electives   3 5
Total 16 15

*offered during both Fall and Spring semesters

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