MSU Billings' Career Center handles Health Administration internships. Plan to arrange your cooperative learning experience one semester before the term in which you plan to register and work.

Please visit the Career Center's co-op website for details on the program. The site explains what you need to do to get started, and all the forms can also be downloaded. A co-op education specialist will help you set up your internship (view current postings online). Talk with your co-op ed specialist if you have a particular organization in mind for your internship. Contact Advising & Career Services at 406-657-2240.

Co-op Requirements (HADM 296/496)
a student intern working in a clinic

  1. Co-Op Application
  2. Unofficial Transcript
  3. Resume
  4. Job Description
  5. Learning Objectives
  6. Complete Learning Agreement with signatures

The initial internship HADM 290/296, gives the health care manager-in-training an opportunity to observe and participate in the work of a health care organization and its managers. Students will learn about health industry challenges, the health manager's job, competencies needed to do that job, and identify the student's own interests and career goals.

Student portfolio for HADM 290/296

  • learning agreement
  • daily log PLUS learning journal
  • reflection paper
  • evaluation forms


Requirements for HADM 490/96

The senior internship HADM 490/496, gives the health care manager-in-training an opportunity to participate in and carry out administrative work under the direction of a health care manager. Students will be directly responsible for completing a typical extended administrative assignment for the health organization. Sample assignments may include researching and reporting on industry best practices, interviewing employees and compiling a management report, assisting on larger research projects such as quality studies or patient surveys.

Student portfolio for HADM 490/496

  • learning agreement
  • daily log PLUS learning journal
  • project paper
  • evaluation forms