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The mission of theMaster of Health Administration (MHA) degree program is to provide the knowledge and skills required for leaders in health services management and administration with a focus on rural-frontier healthcare delivery.  Primarily designed for working professionals, the MHA is appropriate for clinicians, mid-level managers, and others who desire to enter and advance in this growing field.


The MHA program will be recognized as a leader in:

  • Teaching and learning in the field of health administration with a focus on rural-frontier healthcare.
  • Translating health administration knowledge into the practice of health services management in the rural-frontier environment.

  • Researching for the future and transformation of health administration, with an emphasis in rural-frontier contexts.
  • Accepting leadership for intellectual, cultural, social, and economic development in the field of healthcare administration beyond university boundaries.


The Core Values of Montana State University Billings and the Master of Health Administration Program include integrity, educational excellence, student achievement, community of learners, meaningful engagement, and responsiveness.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Master of Health Administration Program curriculum develops students’ competencies in

  • communications and interpersonal effectiveness
  • critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving
  • management and leadership
  • professionalism and ethics


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For more information about the MHA program, please contact the Program Director at 406-896-5832 or