CAPH Student Exercising
The College of Allied Health Professions was formally launched in spring 2004 and represents the sixth College at Montana State University Billings. The College gives attention to the broader definition of allied health and includes those academic programs in behavioral sciences, therapeutic sciences, and support services.

The College is proud to offer curriculum, faculty, and administrative services that help to prepare students to face the challenges of a changing world. All academic programs in the College emphasize the technical skills required for practice in health and human service professions but also stress the importance of a well-rounded education that includes such life skills as critical thinking, literacy, historical consciousness, multicultural experience, and a sense of values. 


The vision of the college of Allied Health Professions is to create an environment that allows students to transform into quality health care professionals.

For further information regarding the college, please call (406) 896-5833 or send e-mail to:


The mission of the college of Allied Health Professions is to prepare allied health professionals for their chosen field, and to meet the needs of society through education, discovery and service.


We value collaborative partnerships among students, faculty, researchers, community members, and industry leaders for the purpose of health improvement.

We value a seamless curricular articulation among health related fields.

We hold high regard for adding knowledge to the disciplines represented in the College and seek to engender rigor in the dissemination of new knowledge as part of the educational trust.   

We place high value in sharing expertise through community service, both locally and nationally.