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Vision Statement

The MSU Billings Budget Office staff combines professional integrity with a service attitude in the development and administration of the University’s financial operating plan.

Mission Statement

The MSU Billings Budget Office is an integral participant in the process of aligning the operating budget with University priorities as defined in the strategic plan and in maximizing the use of resources entrusted to the University. The Budget Office is a campus resource center that provides accurate and timely budgetary information in an understandable and useable form to internal and external users; tracks, projects and reports on funding needs, surpluses and deficits; identifies and responds to budgetary concerns by developing, recommending, and implementing solutions; and analyzes and monitors operating budgets for compliance with State, University, and other appropriate regulations and guidelines.

The secondary mission of the budget office is to review, develop, implement and report on the internal control policies and procedures of the University; to plan and perform internal audits, and to assist external auditors.

MSU Billings Budget Office
1500 University Drive
McMullen Hall, Room 212
Billings, MT  59101


Updated Budget Briefings

University Budget Office Staff

Trudy Collins


Trudy Sipe Collins
University Budget Director





Dean Hanson
University Budget Analyst

Excellence in Service & Stewardship

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