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MSU Billings Chart of Accounts Revenue Codes


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Level  2

Level 1

DESCRIPTION Does it Allow Data Entry? STATUS A=Active
502300 Misc. Licenses and Permits Y A
53300 Motor Vehicle Regn/Parking Permits Y A
520150 Recharged Service Collections Y I
520400 Inspection/Testing Fee Y A
520500 Recharged Service Collections Y A
53350 Recharge Income Y A
53351 Designated Sales and Service Y A
53840 Duplicating Services Y A
526000 Miscellaneous Service Fee Y A
53460 Athletic Camps Y A
53461 Corporate Sponsors Y A
53462 Day Care Fees Y A
53463 Facilities Rental Y A
53464 Game Guarantees Y A
53465 Game Receipts Y A
53466 Inter-Collegiate Athletics-Alumni Y A
53467 Inter-Collegiate Athletics-Boosters Y A
53468 Inter-Collegiate Athl-Charter Seats Y A
53469 Inter-Collegiate Athletics-Women's Y A
53470 Other Designated Y A
53471 Trade  Out Athletics Y A
53472 Skybox Revenue Y A
53473 Pledged Men's Basketball Gates Y A
53474 Pledged Women's Basketball Gates Y A
53475 Pledged Football Gate Y A
53830 Advertising Sales Y A
53831 Alumni Pass Y A
53836 Credential Update Y A
53848 Grant Repayments Y A
53852 Interlibrary Loan Reimbursements Y A
53853 Job Vacancy Listing Fees Y A
53860 MUS Entries Y A
53863 Pay Phone Commissions Y A
53865 Placement Bureau Y A
53866 Placement File Set-up Fee Y A
53867 Public Entries - Daily Y A
53868 Public Entries - Passes Y A
53869 Public Service Recreation Fees Y A
53870 Publication Sales Y A
53871 Recreation Charges Y A
53876 Self-Directed Search Fees Y A
53878 Service Charges Y A
53879 Software Income Y A
53880 Special Events Income Y A
53881 Special Payments Y A
53882 Strong-Campbell Interest Inv Y A
53883 Student ID Replacement Fee Y A
53885 Telephone Income Y A
53886 Ticket Sales Y A
550100 Educational Activity Sales & Serv. Y A
53630 AES-ERA General Y A
53631 Educ Activities-Sales & Services Y A
53632 Misc Ed Dept Inc-Taxable Y A
53633 Miscellaneous Ed Dept Inc Y A
550200 Auxiliary Center Sales & Serv Y A
53700 Auxilliary Copy Machine Y A
53701 Auxilliary Sales Y A
53702 Board Y A
53705 Cable TV Income Y A
53706 Cafeteria Sales Y A
53707 Catering Y A
53708 Concessions-Auxilliary Y A
53709 Conference Fees Y A
53710 Conference Room Inc(NonTax) Y A
53711 Conference Room Inc(Taxable) Y A
53713 Discounts Y A
53714 Donaldson Hall Rentals Y A
53715 Faculty Housing Rentals Y A
53716 Family Student Housing Rent Y A
53718 Gym Use Y A
53719 Health Service Dependent Y A
53720 Housing Misc Y A
53721 ID Card Y A
53722 Immunization Y A
53723 Lab Services Y A
53724 Leased Coin Operations Y A
53725 Lodging Tax Y A
53728 Park Yourself Fees Y A
53731 Pay Phone Commissions Y A
53732 Recreation Area Y A
53733 Refrigeration Rental Income Y A
53734 Reim Auxiliaries-Shared Services Y A
53735 Rent and Use Charge Y A
53736 Replacement ID Fees Y A
53737 Residenc Hall Social Charges Y A
53738 RLUFS Deferred Payments Y A
53739 Room Income Y A
53746 Student Rent Forfeit Y A
53749 Tournament Income Y A
53750 UBI-Conference Room-Non-Taxable Y A
53751 UBI-Conference Room-Taxable Y A
53752 Unrelated Business Income Y A
552000 Merchandise Sold Y A
53620 Merchandise Sales Y A
53703 Books Y A
53704 Bookstore - Other Merchandise Y A
53717 Supplies Y A
53742 Sales -Food Items Y A
53743 Sales - Merchandise Y A
53744 Sales - Refund Books Y A
53745 Sales - Refund Merchandise Y A
53753 Vending Machine Income Y A
53835 Concessions Income Y A
53849 Hardware Sales Y A
560100 Leases Y A
53810 Leases Y A
53833 Camera Equipment Lease Y A
53847 Equipment Lease Y A
53858 Microcomputer Lease Y A
560300 Rentals Y A
53800 Rentals-Equipment Y A
53801 Rentals-Space Y A
53802 Farm House Rent Y A
582000 Insurance Proceeds Y I
585800 Insurance Proceeds Y A
53900 Insurance Proceeds Y A