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Level  2

Level 1

DESCRIPTION Does it Allow Data Entry? STATUS A=Active
520110 Higher Education Cost Recovery Y A
53360 Indirect Cost Funded Research Y A
53410 Administrative Allowance Y A
53411 Non-Federal - Indirect Costs Y A
520160 Agency - IDC Recovery Y I
520170 SWCAP - IDC Recovery Y I
520714 SWCAP - Indirect Cost Recovery Y A
53370 SWCAP - IDC Recovery Y A
545000 Miscellaneous Fines/Forfeits Y A
53600 Parking Fines Y A
53601 Student Loan Late Fee Y A
53855 Library Fines Y A
560200 Royalties Y A
53820 Oil Royalties Y A
53821 Gravel Sales Y A
585100 Miscellaneous Receipts Y A
53726 Lost Key Fee Y A
53727 Miscellaneous Income Y A
53832 Bond Redemption Discounts Y A
53834 Cash Over/Short Y A
53837 Delinquent Charge Y A
53838 Donations to Agency Fund Y A
53839 Dues Income Y A
53846 Fundraising Y A
53851 Interest Cancelled Y A
53854 Jury-Witness-Vets Educ Y A
53857 Loss/damage Charges Y A
53859 Miscellaneous Revenue Y A
53861 Non-Federal CWS Administrative Fee Y A
53872 Res-Term Pool Benefits Y A
53873 Returned Check Fee Y A
53874 Revenue Distribution Y A
53884 Student Loan Interest and Other Inc Y A
53889 Wellness Funds Y A
53980 Bond Proceeds Y A
53985 Proceeds-Equipment Disposition Y A
53990 Gain on Debt Extinquishment Y A
53995 Loan Proceeds Y A
585400 Workers Comp Dividend Y A