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Clearing Financial Holds

Financial holds on student accounts can belong to any of the four campuses, MSU Billings, MSU-Bozeman, MSU-Northern, or MSU-Great Falls.  You can check your account on the web to see if you have any holds on your account (Student Account).  If you have any of the following holds on your student account, please contact the appropriate office for release of the hold(s).  If you have a hold from another campus, you may still contact our offices to get the hold(s)  released or appropriate phone number to take care of the hold.  Holds beginning with a "L" are MSU Billings campus' holds, MSU-Bozeman campus' holds begin with a "Z", MSU-Northern campus' holds begin with an "H" and MSU-Great Falls campus' holds begin with an "F".


The following financial holds need to be handled through MSU Billings Business Office at 657-2301:

LA - Accounts Receivable - student account is past due or the student has fines.

LG - Hold Everything - Restricts all student access to academic records and class registration. Collection activities are being considered.

LP - Perkins - student's Perkins Loan is past due or forms need to be turned in.

The following non-financial holds may be handled through MSU Billings Admissions and Records Office at 657-2158:
LB Admissions Test Scores LC Admissions Transcripts
LD See Advisor LE Graduation
LF Grades LH Registration
LI Transcripts LJ Trans/Registration
LT Transcript Not Audited IM Immunization
MR Hold Registration MMR

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