**The following is a list of items that must be completed prior to delivering the bulk mailing to the mailroom**

  • The mailing must have 200 or more pieces.

  • None of the pieces can be foreign addressed.

  • The pieces must be the same weight and size.

  • Each envelope must have the same contents.

  • All pieces in the bundle must face the same way.

  • All pieces must be sealed.

  • All pieces must have preprinted bulk mailing stamp in the upper right hand corner or the campus mailroom can check out a bulk mailing stamp.

  • An exact count is required with the following form and breakdown: MSU Billings: Business Services - Zip Code Form
      a. All Billings pieces must be added by zip code (this includes 591 and 590 zip codes).
      b. All other Montana pieces must be added by the first three zip code digits.
      c. All out of state pieces added by state.

Sort Instructions

  1. When presorting you are grouping your mail by ZIP Code.

  2. All of the pieces going to the same destination get grouped into the same bundle

  3. Sort to specific areas, (i.e. 59101, 59102, and etc.) and then work your way up to more general areas.

  4. Count the number of mail pieces in each area code and place this number in the Zip Code Form.

  5. Total the number of pieces and turn in the Zip Code Form with the bundled bulk mail.

  6. The mail room clerk will then fill out the specific postage statement for the bulk mailing and submit it to the post office.

Questions? Email businessoffice@msubillings.edu