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DESCRIPTION Does it Allow Data Entry? STATUS A=Active
528001 Res Undergrad Incidental-Lower Div Y A
5A8001 Res UG Incidental-Lower Div-Sum Y A
5B8001 Res UG Incidental-Lower Div-Fall Y A
5C8001 Res UG Incidental-Lower Div-Spr Y A
5D8001 Res UG Incidental-Lower Div-Oth Y A
528002 Res Undergrad Incidental-Upper Div Y A
5A8002 Res UG Incidental-Upper Div-Sum Y A
5B8002 Res UG Incidental-Upper Div-Fall Y A
5C8002 Res UG Incidental-Upper Div-Spr Y A
5D8002 Res UG Incidental-Upper Div-Oth Y A
528003 Resident Undergraduate Incidental Y A
5A8003 Resident Undergrad Incidental-Sum Y A
5B8003 Resident Undergrad Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8003 Resident Undergrad Incidental-Spr Y A
5D8003 Resident Undergrad Incidental-Other Y A
528004 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Lower Div Y A
5A8004 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Lower Div-Sum Y A
5B8004 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Lower Div-Fal Y A
5C8004 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Lower Div-Spr Y A
5D8004 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Lower Div-Oth Y A
528005 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Upper Div Y A
5A8005 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Upper Div-Sum Y A
5B8005 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Upper Div-Fal Y A
5C8005 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Upper Div-Spr Y A
5D8005 Non-Res Undergrad Inc-Upper Div-Oth Y A
528006 Non-Resident Undergrad Incidental Y A
5A8006 Non-Res Undergrad Incidental-Summer Y A
5B8006 Non-Res Undergrad Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8006 Non-Res Undergrad Incidental-Spring Y A
5D8006 Non-Res Undergrad Incidental-Other Y A
528009 Resident Graduate Incidental Y A
5A8009 Resident Graduate Incidental-Summer Y A
5B8009 Resident Graduate Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8009 Resident Graduate Incidental-Spring Y A
5D8009 Resident Graduate Incidental-Other Y A
52800Z Registration Fee Y A
5A8000 Registration Fee-Summer Y A
5B8000 Registration Fee-Fall Y A
5C8000 Registration Fee-Spring Y A
5D8000 Registration Fee-Other Y A
528012 Non-Resident Graduate Incidental Y A
5A8012 Non-Res Graduate Incidental-Summer Y A
5B8012 Non-Res Graduate Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8012 Non-Res Graduate Incidental-Spring Y A
5D8012 Non-Res Graduate Incidental-Other Y A
528013 WUE Incidental-Lower Div Y A
5A8013 WUE Incidental-Lower Div-Sum Y A
5B8013 WUE Incidental-Lower Div-Fall Y A
5C8013 WUE Incidental-Lower Div-Spr Y A
5D8013 WUE Incidental-Lower Div-Oth Y A
528014 WUE Incidental-Upper Div Y A
5A8014 WUE Incidental-Upper Div-Sum Y A
5B8014 WUE Incidental-Upper Div-Fall Y A
5C8014 WUE Incidental-Upper Div-Fall Y A
5D8014 WUE Incidental-Upper Div-Fall Y A
528015 WUE Incidental Y A
5A8015 WUE Incidental-Summer Y A
5B8015 WUE Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8015 WUE Incidental-Spring Y A
5D8015 WUE Incidental-Other Y A
528018 Resident Post-Bacc Incidental Y A
5A8018 Resident Post-Bacc Incidental-Sum Y A
5B8018 Resident Post-Bacc Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8018 Resident Post-Bacc Incidental-Spr Y A
5D8018 Resident Post-Bacc Incidental-Other Y A
528021 Non-Resident Post-Bacc Incidental Y A
5A8021 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incidental-Summer Y A
5B8021 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8021 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incidental-Spr Y A
5D8021 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incidental-Other Y A
528023 Non-Resident Post-Bacc Incdtl - City College Y A
5A8023 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incdtl - City College-Sum Y A
5B8023 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incdtl - City College-Fall Y A
5C8023 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incdtl - City College-Spr Y A
5D8023 Non-Res Post-Bacc Incdtl - City College-Oth Y A
528024 Unsubsidized Incidental Y A
5A8024 Unsubsidized Incidental-Summer Y A
5B8024 Unsubsidized Incidental-Fall Y A
5C8024 Unsubsidized Incidental-Spring Y A
5D8024 Unsubsidized Incidental-Other Y A
528025 Resident Incidental - City College Y A
5A8025 Resident Incidental - City College- Summer Y A
5B8025 Resident Incidental - City College- Fall Y A
5C8025 Resident Incidental - City College- Spring Y A
5D8025 Resident Incidental - City College- Other Y A
528026 Non-Resident Incidental - City College Y A
5A8026 Non-Resident Incidental - City College-Sum Y A
5B8026 Non-Resident Incidental - City College-Fall Y A
5C8026 Non-Resident Incidental - City College-Spr Y A
5D8026 Non-Resident Incidental - City College-Other Y A
528027 Post-Bacc Incidental - City College Y A
5A8027 Post-Bacc Incidental - City College-Summer Y A
5B8027 Post-Bacc Incidental - City College-Fall Y A
5C8027 Post-Bacc Incidental - City College-Spring Y A
5D8027 Post-Bacc Incidental - City College-Other Y A
528028 WUE Incidental - City College Y A
5A8028 WUE Incidental - City College-Summer Y A
5B8028 WUE Incidental - City College-Fall Y A
5C8028 WUE Incidental - City College- Spring Y A
5D8028 WUE Incidental - City College- Other Y A
528029 Unsubsidized Incidental - City College Y A
5A8029 Unsubsidized Incidental - City College-Sum Y A
5B8029 Unsubsidized Incidental - City College-Fall Y A
5C8029 Unsubsidized Incidental - City College- Spr Y A
5D8029 Unsubsidized Incidental - City College-Other Y A
528037 City College Instructional Materials Fee Y A
528398 Application Fee Y A
52838 Application Fee Y A
528399 Other General Operating Tuition Y A
52839 Uncollectible Tuition and Fees Y A
5TUIT Total Tuition N A

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