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Printing is back and open for business with a new home on the east end of McMullen ground floor. All service we have and offerings are the same as before.

We have added a digital copier to the Biz Hub which allows for digital printing of documents that you email to Barb. Did I mention this new copier can do color.

Printing Services wants to help you save time and money on your print jobs.

  • We can help with paper selections and typesetting.
  • We will also take recycled paper for note pads.

Paper Choices

  • More popular paper on stock.
  • Sample books for paper choices.
  • Order paper for large or special orders.


  • Most typesetting done on campus.  ie. Montana State University-Billings business cards, letterhead and most envelopes.
  • Arrange for typesetting work to be done off campus.
  • Departments may do the design and typesetting for the forms and brochures send a PDF by email.


  • Scheduling of jobs to meet your deadlines.
  • Large print jobs delivered on completion.


  • Will give estimates on all print jobs.
  • Suggestions on how to save on printing.

Color Copier

  • The new color copier is available for numerous print jobs. See Barb for details.

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