What do you want to be?

I want to be someone who...works in a publishing, broadcasting or other information field

Here are some career ideas:

Art Critic
Art Director
Assistant Program Director
Broadcast Journalist
Casting Specialist
Chief Information Officer
Color Consultant
Concert Soloist
Copy Editor
Copy Writer
Costume Designer
Creative Director
Customer/Consumer Relations
Disc Jockey
Editorial Assistant
Editorial Writer
Electronic Games Developer
Electronic Marketing Consultant
Employment Relations Representative
Entertainment Agent
Film Critic
Food Critic
Graphic Designer
Health Information Administrator
Health Information Specialist
Industrial Relations Manager
Managing Editor
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Mass Media Assistant
Media Center Specialist
Media Director
Media Relations Manager
Medical Illustrator
Music Arranger
Music Critic
Music Journalist
News Director
News Producer
News Reporter
Policy Analyst
Political Strategist
Production Artist
Promotion Manager
Prop Manager
Public Information Specialist
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Publications Designer
Radio Personality
Recording Engineer
Research Journalist
Sales Service Promoter
Script Writer
Set Designer
Sound Technician
Special Events Coordinator
Sports Marketer
Stage Manager
Story Editor
Systems Integration Services Consultant
Talent Agent
Talent Scout
Technical Director
Technical Worker
Technical Writer
Television/Film Actor
Television/Film Producer
Theatre Performer
Type Designer
Weather Forecaster
Web Designer
Web Developer

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