Assessment and Accreditation

MSU Billings Core Purpose, Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Core Themes

McMullen Hall on the MSUB University campusCore Purpose

To assure that all members of the University community reach their individual potential.


Montana State University Billings provides a University experience characterized by:

  • Excellent Teaching
  • Support for Individual Learning
  • Engagement in Civic Responsibility
  • Intellectual, Cultural, Social and Economic Community Enhancement


Montana State University Billings will be recognized as a regional leader for:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Translating Knowledge into Practice
  • Researching for the Future
  • Accepting Leadership for Intellectual, Cultural, Social and Economic Development Beyond University Boundaries

Core Themes

  • Core Theme One:  Cultivating Teaching Excellence
  • Core Theme Two:  Providing an Environment for Learning
  • Core Theme Three:  Promoting and Engaging in Civic Responsibility
  • Core Theme Four:  Enhancing the Community
  • Overarching Core Theme Five: Essentials for Success

The MSU Billings Strategic Planning/Future Initiative has developed these five core themes based on the university mission and vision statement. Campus progress on each of these core themes is measured according to indicators for each core theme, and is tracked on the Strategic Plan Indicators Assessment Rubric. Since campus attention to this assessment system is important, the Assessment and Accreditation Council has conducted a series of open forums to keep the campus apprised of progress, and is taking public comment through a series of Qualtics surveys:

Core Values

Integrity: MSU Billings' actions are ethical and principled to assure dignity and equity for all


Educational Excellence: MSU Billings provides distinctive programs and challenging educational experiences for a diverse university community


Student Achievement: MSU Billings provides academic support and administrative services to foster academic & professional achievement of the university community


Community of Learners: MSU Billings respects and nurtures variety in intellectual contribution and scholarship enriching both the University and its extended community


Meaningful Engagement: MSU Billings supports all members of the university community in their individual growth toward confidence, individual sense of purpose and acceptance of civic responsibilities


Responsiveness: MSU Billings meets the changing needs of our learners with informed action and innovation based on current standards of educational & technical excellence