The Assessment Cycle

The assessment cycle is an iterative process and mechanism for assuring that student learning objectives are met.

Key questions

  1. What will our students learn in our program? What are our expectations?
  2. How will they learn it?
  3. How will we know they have learned it or not?
  4. What will we do if they have not learned it?

The Assessment Cycle

The cycle begins with the mission statement of the unit or program, which describes the overall purpose of the unit or program. Program goals should be defined within the context of the mission.

  • Learning Goals – What students are or what knowledge they have
  • Learning Outcomes (Objectives, Competencies) – What students can do or demonstrate
  • Alignment Matrix – A mapping of learning outcomes and the curriculum
  • Assessment Plan
    • Assessment Points – Where assessment occurs
    • Assessment Tasks – What is assessed
    • Assessment Instrument/Measure – How assessed
  • Assessment Implementation
    • Logistics – Who will do it and when
    • Repository – Where data is stored
  • Assessment Analysis
    • Aggregation of data
    • Recognition of deficiencies
  • Closing the Loop
    • Recommended changes

Assessment Information

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