These links are provided as resources for students to access more information.

Montana University System
The Montana University System is comprised of fourteen campuses, enrolling more than 42,000 students. This web site is designed to provide students, parents, and the public easy access to critical information about enrolling and succeeding in the Montana University System, such as, information on preparing for college, financial aid, transfer of credits, and distance learning.

Board of Regents
The government and control of the Montana University System is vested with the Board of Regents, which has full power, responsibility, and authority to supervise, coordinate, manage and control the Montana University System, and supervise and coordinate other public educational institutions assigned by law.

Montana Associated Students
The Montana Associated Students (MAS) is the combined student governments of the eleven campuses of the Montana University System. Each campus is represented by one voting member (the student body president) and one non-voting, ex-office member. MAS advises the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education regarding matters that directly and indirectly affect Montana students. MAS also coordinates programs and activities of a common interest to the student associations of each of the individual campuses.

Student Leader Magazine
Student Leader is the premier magazine for college student leaders. Featuring tips from experts and peers across the country, its articles advise students on how to manage organizations ethically and effectively. As the official publication of the American Student Government Association, Student Leader’s staff frequently writes and reports on Student Government-related issues, concerns, and solutions as well.

American Student Government Association
The professional association that serves and supports college and university Student Governments.

Roberts Rules of Order
A step-by-step guide to the rules for meetings of your club, civic, or charitable organization.

Parliamentary Procedure Online
This website is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of the parliamentary procedure, which can be fun, as well as educational. Some of the educational material on this website comes from Robert's Rules of Order Revised, Fourth Edition.

National Conference on Student Leadership
Leading the Way. Your College Student Leadership Resource.

Association of College Unions International
ACUI is a nonprofit educational organization that brings together college union and student activities professionals from hundreds of schools in seven countries.