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The Academic Support Center provides online writing assistance for MSUB and City College students. Students can submit a paper via the forms below. There is a general paper submission link and a graduate student link. The graduate writing submission will be reviewed by ASC tutors specifically trained in addressing advanced writing and research concerns.

Once an essay is submitted, an email will be generated and sent to an ASC tutor. Please allow for a 24-28 hour turn-around time for a response. Please allow for additional time if the submission spans a weekend or holiday. If you DO NOT get an auto-reply message after submitting, then an error occurred.


All papers submitted Monday through Thursday will usually be returned within 24 hours.
Papers submitted Friday through Sunday will require longer turn around time.

If you DO NOT receive an auto-reply message from the writing lab,
we DID NOT receive your submission.

For an example of what tutors can do for you, please click here.

If you are ready to submit your paper to the Online Write Lab,
please fill out the following information and click on SUBMIT.


Student Name

Student Email Address
Please double-check your email address as it is the only way our tutors can contact you.
What Course is this paper for?
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Course Instructor

Briefly provide your instructor's directions for the assignment.

Where are you in the writing process?

What would you like us to help you in this paper?
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*Please note: Our tutors do not proofread papers. They will, however provide you with general feedback

(Please provide specifics in the box below)

Other Comments

Please follow the directions for attaching your file:  
1. Save your file in .DOC, .DOCX or .RTF format.
2. Upload your file by clicking on BROWSE and finding the file on your computer.
3. When you have located the file, click on SUBMIT below.


The Academic Support Center will engage and empower individuals to become
confident, capable, independent learners while providing academic
instruction and support in a safe and encouraging environment.
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