Academic Support Center

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available for MSUB students on the university campus, at the City College and online. The ASC is staffed with student tutors, professional tutors and instructors who are trained to tutor in a variety of subjects. Tutoring services are "free" as they are already paid for as part of your student fees.


Writing Tutoring

The Writing Lab offers support for students who want to improve their writing skills. It is staffed by tutors who will assist students in the process of writing papers for any class offered at MSUB.  While the tutors will not proofread assignments word by word, they will help students to develop their own ideas, to improve the structure of their papers, and to correct groups of related errors resulting from misunderstandings of grammar and usage rules.  They will assist students in formatting their papers according to APA, MLA, Chicago Style or Turabian guidelines as well. 


Math Tutoring

The Math Lab offers support for students who need assistance in their math classes. Student tutors, professional tutors and instructors are available to assist students. While tutors are available to help students grasp the concepts taught in various math courses, our tutors do not "teach" the material to students. Tutors support students in their efforts to learn the material.


Other Subjects

There are also tutors available for a variety of other subjects. Call for a list of subjects tutored and tutor availability:


University Campus 657.1641 ~ City College 247.3022