The Academic Support Center Learning Lab’s mission is to empower students to become confident, capable, independent learners. The Lab will provide qualified tutors and resources that support students in their quest to reach their goals, in a safe and encouraging learning environment.


The Academic Support Center at Montana State University Billings was started in 2001 when it combined the math and writing labs in a centralized location.  Since then, the Academic Support Center has grown to include locations at City College and the College of Business. In addition, the ASC has two recently remodeled centers. The University Campus location is in the Student Union Building (SUB) across from The Bistro Coffee Shop near the atrium.  The City College at MSUB location is in the Tech Building near Jacket Student Central and shares space with the Library.

The tutors at the ASC are a combination of current instructors, retired educators, professional tutors, and student tutors. All ASC tutors are certified through the CRLA certification process.  With a staff of approximately 80 tutors, the ASC has the personnel to match almost any need or learning style.

Even if you do not need assistance, the ASC is still a great place to study. With computer access at each ASC location, students can work on homework, print class notes, or simply have a place to study between classes. For commuter students, the ASC can function as a study home away from home.

Interesting Facts

  • Each academic year, approximately 1,800 students will visit the ASC at least once.
  • The average visiting period for students in 2014 was 1.5 hours.