Academic Support Center

COMPASS Placement Examination

COMPASS is a placement examination provided by ACT.  The COMPASS assists MSUB with placing students in mathematics, writing, and reading courses.  It is one of several assessments used to provide placement.  Students will default to the highest placement score in accordance with enrollment service guidelines.


Where should I schedule?


Students enrolling at MSUB or City College at MSUB take a COMPASS test as part of their orientation at no charge.  The placement results will be available at their follow-up session with an advisor.  There is a fee if students wish to retake the Compass in hopes of improving their scores.


How can I prepare for the COMPASS?


There are many COMPASS resources available.  Practice tests are provided by ACT at the COMPASS website.


In addition,  future students looking to practice the writing portion using a “live” format may utilize this online resource.


Who should I contact with COMPASS concerns?


Students who wish to schedule an exam or retrieve a COMPASS score should contact Advising at 406-657-2240.


For questions or concerns, contact the Director of the Academic Support Center at 406-657-1714.