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Searching by keyword for photograph information

   Use the search box below to search for Photographs or information about photographs on this website.  One can search for keywords found in the photograph title or photograph description.  Or, one can search by subject terms, date, geographical coverage, photograph identifier, or photograph category.  Read the information below under searching for Photographs for assistance.

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Searching for Photographs

   When the database and the photographs are loaded on the server, we will be able to provide better explanations of the search engine for the public.  The following is a short explanation based on currently available information.  Note, the search box function does not work.

Viewing Photograph Lists

   Click on one of the lists at the top of the page to view  pre-sorted information about the photographs available on this website.  Pre-sorted lists are available for photograph subject, Photograph Title, Date of photograph, or geographic location of photograph.  viewing the pre-sorted lists will give a better idea of types of subjects, locations, dates, and titles used in the photograph database.  This may be helpful when trying to decide terms to use in keyword searching of the photograph database.  Currently, there are 499 entries in the photograph database.

Searching the photograph database

   The Photograph database contains the following  fields:  

Photograph Identifier=standard number associated with each photograph

Photograph title=keywords identifying a photograph, some photographs may have the same title

Subjects=usually one field, but may include up to three fields of library of congress subject headings

photograph description on verso=a transcription of the handwritten comments located on the back of the photograph

photograph category=six standardized terms to describe categories:  landmarks, landscapes, people, wildlife, culture, or NA

geographical location=four standardized terms are available to describe location:  county, state; city, state; National park Name; or NA

date=standardized format yyyy/mm/dd

copyright statement=statement of ownership--MSU-Billings owns the photographs and content on this website


NA Designation

   Some of the fields will have an "NA" designation which means not applicable or not available.  If the appropriate information was not available or unknown, then this notation was entered in the field.

Photograph Title Searching

  These are keywords describing the image of a photo.  Some photos may have the same title and sometimes more than one copy of a photo is available.

Photograph description on verso Searching

  This field includes the information on the back of a photo.  If the handwriting is illegible, then a ? is noted in the field.

Subject Searching

   To view of a list the list of subject terms used in the photograph database, view the list.  Use this terminology when searching by subject.

Photograph Category Searching

  The photograph categories reflect the major groups or types of photographs in the d. White Collection.  There are five categories:  people; culture; wildlife; landscapes; and historical landmarks and sites.

Geographic Location Searching

  If the geographic location was not identified on the back of the photograph and a place name is associated with the photograph, The geographic location for the photographs were determined by using the USGS GNIS or the getty thesaurus of geographic namesCurrently, there are very few photographs with geographic location information identified.

Date Searching

   Dates in the photograph database are listed as year/month/day.  For example, 1950/01/15 is January 15, 1950.  Understanding how the dates are listed in the database may help you when searching for photographs by date.  Many of the photographs do not have dates.

  No date: 0000/00/00

  only the year is known: 1945/00/00 (1945)

  only Year and month are known: 1932/02/00 (February, 1932)

  a range of years is known: 1932/00/00-1933/00/00 (the photo may be from 1932 or 1933)

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