Historical Landmarks And Sites


wpeB.jpg (5229 bytes) This is a photo of Fort Custer, near Hardin, Montana.  The Fort was built in 1877 and was dismantled in1930.    This was one of the biggest forts in the Old West and cost about a million Dollars to build.                                                                     
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 The pictures to the left are monuments located at the battle of the little Big Horn site.  These Monuments are Dedicated to the Men Who fought in the U.S. Calvary, Under George Armstrong Custer.

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Fort Mead was established in 1878 in South Dakota and was abandoned in 1944.

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Fort smith was established in 1866 in Montana.  The fort was abandoned 1868.  


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Fort Buford, North dakota was established in 1866 and was abandoned 1895.  The post was under virtual state of siege during the Bozeman Trail War.  


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Fort Laramie was established in 1849 in Wyoming as a re-supply station on the Organ Trail.  Native American Indian treaties were signed by numerous tribes and the U.S. Government at the fort.  

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A postcard describing historic fort benton, Montana.

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