The Stories Photographs tell: White family Genealogy

Like many Montanans, Dudley traveled west to seek his fame and fortune, or at least, his place in the world.  In the process of scanning the photographs, we were able to piece together a family history.


Dora (Lang) White

Born: 1855

KanKakee, Illinois

wpe3E.gif (3092892 bytes) Father

Frank G. White

  Born: 1835

Weymouth, Mass.    



Dudley White

Born: 1875

Chicago, Illinois 

  Frank W. White


Chicago, Illinois

The Stories Photographs tell: Property ownership

    Tim Urbaniak discovered that photographs can not only portray the genealogy of a family but, the history of land ownership.  The house below was owned by Doc Carlisle in the early 1900's.  Then the land passed into the Marshall family and now  it is owned by the Robinette family. This is just one of the properties we have checked.  In the two photo's below, one can see the many changes to the property over time.


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