Jacket Student Ambassadors

Join our team!

JSAWe are the Jacket Student Ambassadors, a student leadership organization here on campus! We focus on developing leadership skills through helping out MSU Billings inform future students about this fine institution. JSA attracts outgoing students who want to make the most out of their college years and develop leadership and professional skills. We always have a good time, no matter the circumstances. We get to share our experiences with everybody. Spread the word!




Why should I be a JSA?

  • You will become eligible for Ambassador scholarships
  • Develop communication and presentation skills, and become a leader on campus
  • Get involved with other outgoing students like yourself
  • Enjoy the perks, such as appreciation dinners and retreat days
  • It looks great on your resume

What do JSA's do?

  • Accompany tours around campus
  • Socialize with incoming students and assist with on-campus programs
  • Accompany Admissions Counselors on high school recruiting trips to talk about your own college experiences
  • Visit your hometown high school and promote MSU Billings
  • Create your own projects and much more!